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Be sure to check out our new Informational Videos!

We've added 4 new Informational Videos to the site! Topics coverd include Boat Maintenance and Storage, Motorcycle Maintenance and Storage, Neglected Small-Engine Equipment and finally Snowblower Maintenance and Storage. You can view these by clicking the link to the right, or by clicking here.

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That's right, you can buy AMSOIL at wholesale pricing by becoming a preferred customer! Preferred customers can purchase our ENTIRE product line, that includes AMSOIL, EA Filters, WIX Filters, NGK Spark Plugs and MOTHER'S Appearance Products at the wholesale costs! Right now, you can try out a Preferred Customer Membership for 6 months for only $10! Give it a try by following this link

AMSOIL Introduces new Engine Assembly Lube!

Engine Assembly Lube

AMSOIL Engine Assembly Lube (EAL) is formulated to cling to engine parts and provide exceptional wear protection, while inhibiting rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. It is designed to dissolve in oil, helping eliminate oil port clogging and deposit formation. Be sure to check it out here


We've added a Garage to our site to help you track your maintainence!

Click the link on the right to keep track of all of you vehicles and their maintainence! It's completely free of charge!


AMSOIL Introduces New Z-RODâ„¢ Synthetic Motor Oil


AMSOIL now offers a synthetic motor oil engineered specifically for classic cars and performance vehicles. Available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 viscosities, AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil (ZRT, ZRF) features high-quality synthetic base stocks and a proprietary additive package tailored to perform on the street and protect during storage.

AMSOIL Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with high levels of ZDDP to protect flat-tappet cams, lifters, rockers and other areas susceptible to wear. Its high-zinc, high-phosphorus formulation provides the extra wear protection these critical splash-lubricated components require.